Martin Robinson

Educationalist, Author, Writer, Consultant, Orator, Liberal Artist

A teacher with 20 years experience of working in State schools in London, Martin was an Advanced Skills Teacher, Head of Department, Head of Faculty and an Assistant Head Teacher. Martin is interested in developing Teaching and Learning by building on the tradition of grammar, dialectic and rhetoric. Martin is currently working on two more books, more will be revealed soon!

Trivium 21st Century - Martin Robinson

Trivium 21st Century

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Lessons from the Middle Ages to prepare young people for the 21st century. Universities in the Middle Ages focused on three skills to develop the intellectual abilities of students grammar, logic and rhetoric. In this well-researched and practical book author Martin Robinson shows how these three tenets are as relevant today as they were 800 years ago. Summed up as `how things are represented, how things are known and how things are communicated`, the Trivium the foundation

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