Martin Robinson


Martin provides consultancy and keynotes, to schools, colleges and conferences on a wide range of topics.

These topics include: Curriculum Design and the Trivium; Questioning; Dialogic Classroom; Improving Teacher Talk and Communication Skills; Outstanding Teaching and Learning; Stretch and challenge; Creativity in a Knowledge based Curriculum; Independent learning; Character education; The Importance of Knowledge; Oratory and storytelling across the curriculum; Rhetoric; Play and Playfulness; Values driven education; Group-work; Mindset; Memory…

Feedback and Comments about Martin's Work:

It has been a real pleasure to work with you this year; the outcomes for us are tremendous. Trivium ideas have given our staff a purpose and momentum as curriculums change; I’m loving all the interesting debates and conversations taking place within school, but more importantly I can see some great ideas being put into action as people start to get their heads around the freedom of being released...

Samantha Gorse, Headteacher, Turton School, Bolton

Thank you for delivering a fantastic seminar, colleagues found it thought-provoking and stimulating, and it was highly effective in achieving our aim of enabling practitioners to think at a deeper level than the school day often allows. It was particularly useful to spend some time considering the purposes of education, and your message that an education should be an adventure rather than a journey is an important and inspiring one.

Jon Curtis-Brignell Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning, Thomas Tallis School, Greenwich, London

Martin is a hugely engaging speaker, full of gentle humour, insight and wisdom. Drawing on the inspirational ideas of his recent book his talk elegantly synthesised an amazing amount of educational thinking and left me buzzing.

David Weston, Chief Executive: Teacher Development Trust

"Martin's visit has proven to be a great catalyst for reflection amongst our staff. At a time of polemics in Education, he has managed to bring together the very best of traditional and progressive methodology to create a model of teaching and learning for the 21st Century that empowers both teachers and students."

Chris Benson - Head of Primary - International School of Monaco

‘Martin is not just a great enthusiast, he also knows his stuff. His talk to a group of headteachers from both primary and secondary schools was erudite, witty, engaging but also powerfully thought-provoking. When he speaks you both learn a lot as well as think a lot- a perfect balance.’

Mike Grenier, Housemaster, Eton College

Martin's ideas in the Trivium have achieved a rare feat. They are both simple and complex; providing a clarity for teachers but at the same time asking awkward questions of what we should be teaching, why and how. All school leaders and teachers alike should look at Martin's work and consider how they can integrate the three key components into the curriculum, lessons day to day running of their schools.

Simon Smith, Deputy Head (Academic), Haileybury, Hertfordshire

Trivium Schools

By engaging Martin to work with your school you will automatically become part of a growing network of over thirty ‘Trivium Schools’. Here you get the chance to share what work you are doing with other institutions as well as have input from them. Each institution receives a trivium bulletin every month during term time focusing on ideas and projects that might be of interest to your school.

Trivium Bulletins

Schools and businesses:

Communication skills for teachers and presenters: including voice, gesture, and presence.
Rhetoric: Authenticity and how to communicate successfully.

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