Martin Robinson

Character and Creativity

Creativity and the Trivium

Martin was invited to Edinburgh to take part in a 'creative conversation' with the Scottish educationalist 'The Real' David Cameron. Martin talked about how a classical liberal arts education can be the route to unlocking creativity in children. You can view the video here:


Martin is an in demand speaker on Character Education, where his insight, wit, and unique voice contributes to the ongoing debate about how to teach character in our schools. Here he is contributing to a debate organized by Policy Exchange on 4th November 2014:


Martin is an Education Associate for the Royal Society of Arts advising them on possible ways to fulfill their stated aim of ‘closing the creativity gap

Martin worked with Ken Campbell on producing some cards for improvisational approaches to theatre, which resulted in the: Ken Campbell Call Cards. These cards have been used successfully in live and rehearsed performances.

Martin worked with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust on creativity, where he was able to bring his knowledge and expertise to a difficult problem: can you teach creativity? Is there such a thing as a creative person or are we only able to be creative in areas with which we are familiar? Is creative thinking transferable?

Martin explored these questions through cross curricular teaching, online assessment tools, Action Research Projects, evidence collected from a wide range of creative professionals and others involved in creative work.

Take a look at the video to assess if there are answers to these questions.